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Meindert Wolfraad in Sydney

Founder LEKKER Boats

When LEKKER’s founder (Meindert Wolfraad) travelled the world, he discovered that the Amsterdam way of living appealed to people everywhere. Moving around on your own terms, taking control – whether it’s on the road, the canals or open sea. The freedom to move your own way. So that even the most free-spirited people don’t get caught up in everyday life.

Lightweight. Comfortable. Super fast

After years of carefully building boats, we’ve become experts in capturing the essence of sociable and comfortable boating experiences with the added power of a speedboat. By only using high quality aluminium, our boats are extremely flexible in design and we can meet even the most unique desires.

Today, more than 200 indestructible and convenient LEKKER Boats roam the waters from Hong Kong to Miami beach. LEKKER enables people worldwide to create meaningful and lasting memories with the people closest to them.

Move the Amsterdam way. Wherever you are.

Benefits of aluminium


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