Social. Speed. Convenience. Break routine with the Damsko 1000. Host a party up to 25 friends or enjoy quality time with your family. Or just do both at the same time, it’s up to you.

Damsko 1000 Damsko 1000 Damsko 1000



From the Netherlands with love
Our LEKKER Boats are handcrafted in the Netherlands by a dedicated team of skilled builders. They carefully weld, paint and pay attention to every detail of all of our LEKKER Boats.
The Damsko 1000 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This comfortable and classic Amsterdam’ sloep lets you fly over the water with unprecedented speed. The impressive Mercury engine comes in diesel and petrol.
While the Damsko 1000 may look like a classic sloep for the canals of Amsterdam, it’s actually perfect for out on the open sea. So you can enjoy some island hopping - even during the most extreme conditions.
The design allows for a fantastic experience, as the boat is incredibly manoeuvrable. Even at top speed, the boat's turning circle is its own length and you can make the sharpest turns.

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