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5 Beaches in Amsterdam


Want to find some summer vibes in the city?


YEAH! It’s summer! It’s been off the charts hot lately, nothing seems more ideal right now than relaxing at a beach? We can of course go explore Bloemendaal, Zandvoort or Wijk aan Zee when we feel like a beach day. But unlike what you might suspect, Amsterdam has a number of beaches spread across the city, so no need to head out of town if your longing for a beach day! 

Friday Drinks Amsterdam


Let's grab some drinks after work on Friday


I think most of us agree that Friday is without a doubt the best day of the week. In Amsterdam it also a day where it’s kind of mandatory to get a celebratory drink to commemorate the weekend that lies ahead. It’s “borreltijd” as we Dutch like to call it. We’ve devised a list of our favourite places in Amsterdam we like to go to. So take your Lekker bike out for a spin or if the weather is good enough why not take the Lekker Boat:)