The Damsko 1000 revealed


Synthesis of speed, comfort, space & style


Amsterdam, 16 July 2018 - Lekker Boats raised the bar by mastering the build of the Damsko 750s bigger brother. Introducing the legendary Damsko 1000, a show stopper made out of aluminium, capable of reaching sensational speeds whilst carrying 50 people at the same time. An unknown combination of thrilling speed, comfort and impeccable style. Worlds largest Dutch Sloep, a race monster, offshore adventurer and ideal sports companion for all waterski/wakeboard enthusiasts.


The Damsko 1000, is the logical successor of the Damsko 750, who’s been widely acclaimed due to its versatility having sold more than 55 of them in countries such as Japan, US, Netherlands and Australia. The first Damsko 1000 has hit the water, commissioned for none other than Tommy Hilfiger, time to celebrate!



Go Big or Go Home


The Damsko 1000 literally stands out of the crowd with its superior height (1.7m) and length (10m), but also due to its spacious deck - outlined with benches and an extendable sun-bed - which can easily entertain up to 50 people. Built with Dutch design and comfort in mind, performance is still at the heart of this speedsters Aussie DNA. The V shaped hull not only gives the boat constant stability and speed, but allows it to plane quicker. Resulting in a smooth comfortable ride even at high speeds. The lightweight aluminium construction in combination with its superior weight distribution ensures user-friendly handling without ever losing grip. Make sharp turns, hit startling speeds of 80km/h (43 knots) and pierce through 2m offshore waves effortlessly. In short this bad boy is a force to be reckoned with.


aluminium lekker boat damsko 1000


Bespoke Design


The Damsko is hand built in the Netherlands and entirely made of aluminium, every Damsko 1000 is designed from scratch, the material gives us the freedom to adjust the boats design according to our client’s needs. Every aspect tailor made to accommodate specific desires. The result, a maintenance-free, seaworthy, minimalistic, Dutch designed, timeless pleasure craft. Let your imagination run wild, we’ll turn it into reality.


interior lekker boats


Boundless Adventure


For the perfect getaway there’s also the Damsko 1000 cabin model, which can be outfitted with a kitchenette, bathroom, sleeps four, and has plenty of storage space. Enough room to fit all your expectations, whilst giving you the chance to spend even more time out on the water. Whether you want to take a trip overseas, head from Sydney to palm beach and go whale watching, host an unforgettable party with 50 people, take friends out in search of the perfect wake or simply relish the peace and quiet life out on the water, it’s all possible with the Damsko 1000. Your dreams are truly limitless, this aluminium boat will take you places you’d never expected.


damsko 1000


All round Rockstar


The Lekker Damsko 1000 displays an uncompromising focus on paring practicality with performance, making it one of a kind in its category. Fitting into every aspect of your life without holding back, the ideal boat for a vacation, fast adventure, coastal cruise, parties, water sport endeavours, exploration trips or transporting people from yacht to shore. Suited for those that dare to enjoy. Because let's face it, life’s too short for an ordinary ride!


"The new Damsko 1000 is the lightest, fastest, boat around that can carry up to 50 people, it’s extremely versatile and we’ re incredibly proud of that." states founder Meindert Wolfraad. You can expect a strong piece of engineering, perfected for all types of water, maximising driving and user experience in all conditions.