Friday Drinks Amsterdam


Let's grab some drinks after work on Friday


I think most of us agree that Friday is without a doubt the best day of the week. In Amsterdam it also a day where it’s kind of mandatory to get a celebratory drink to commemorate the weekend that lies ahead. It’s “borreltijd” as we Dutch like to call it. We’ve devised a list of our favourite places in Amsterdam we like to go to. So take your Lekker bike out for a spin or if the weather is good enough why not take the Lekker Boat:)


1. Waterkant


Waterkant is located on the Marnixstraat, built under a guggenheim lookalike building that’s not a museum but a parking lot. During summer it’s a must to drop by, situated along the canal you can even park your Lekker boat there. Friday drinks are always legendary here, you can dance and drink the night away until the early hours.

Marnixstraat 246


2. Frits.


Frits, The Amsterdam friday drink! Every month a different location. Frits likes to mix things up and every edition takes place in a different place. They supply live music, tasty drinks, delicious food and invite you and your friends to experience a memorable crazy night.

Jan Evertsenstraat 135, Amsterdam



3. Vroegstuk


VROEGSTUK op Vrijdag - the party for the working ones in Amsterdam, who see Friday as the climax of the week. App your friends, grab your favorite colleagues from behind their desk and bike full speed to this party destination. Starting at 6pm the GT’s (easy on the T), sol’s and Dutch beers will be waiting for your arrival. This of course combined with pumping beats and a quick bite to eat, you’ll be ready to conquer the night. VROEGSTUK op VRIJDAG.

Van Woustraat 130, 1073 LT Amsterdam



4. Morgan & Mees


Morgan & Mees is the ideal place for a drink on fridays if you like it a bit more classy. Sit outside in their city garden on the Nassaukade, its covered and includes heaters during the colder months, making it a great place all year round. If your looking for some good food, you’re in luck because Morgan & Mees have an array of exquisite dishes on the menu, all of which are ace in our opinion.

Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6



5. Bukowski


Who doesn’t know this place? No matter how many times you’ve been here, Bukowski remains a terrific place to start off your weekend. Bukowski is a quaint little cafe that has a relaxed vibe going on. The beers are always good, there’re enough pub dishes on the menu to make you smile and when the sun’s out you can sit out on the terrace until the early morning hours.

Oosterpark 10, Amsterdam


6. Cafe Vrijdag


Cafe Vrijdag Amsterdam is situated on the Amsteldijk. Since its launch the Rivierenbuurt is one hotspot richer. Their interior is funky, industrial elements, wooden floors and a huge bar. You’ll feel at room the moment you walk in. You’d be tempted to call it a trendy grand café. Outside you’ll find a lovely terrace, where you’ll find sunshine throughout the day. In other words the perfect place for friday drinks if you ask us.

Amsteldijk 137, Amsterdam


7. Mossel & Gin


This place is truly a gem for all gin & tonic lovers out there. Mossel & Gin is located in Westerpark and there’s no question about it, you need to go there at least once. Their menu covers all classic gin & tonics, but they also have surprisingly exciting twists. Combine it with some oysters and clams, you won’t regret it!

Goschalklaan 12, Amsterdam


8. De Plantage


As soon as your arrive you’ll already get excited about their interior, high ceilings, lots of light, mix of vintage and design. It’s clear that the Plantage is one of the mesmerizing buildings that belongs to Artis. On the menu in the restaurant you’ll find modern bistro dishes. From Bavette to risotto with a fish, although we really recommend you try a plate to share. It’s always fun here, good food, great setting, what more do you want?

Plantage Kerklaan 36


9. Brouwerij Troost


At Brouwerij Troost all the beer is self brewed. They brew Troost Lager, Weizen, Tripel and Smoked Porter, which you can all get a taste of at this venue.Because besides being a brewery they’re also a tasting ground. The owners are of the opinion that with a good beer should be combined with delicious food. On the menu you’ll find great pub bites, flammkuchen, sweetness and soups. In other words, there’s something for everyone.

Cornelis Troostplein 21



10. Cafe Panache


Want to have some drinks New York City style? Then drop by Panache. This hotspot located on the Ten Katenstraat is the bomb. Always busy, need to spend a buck but it’s super cool. Beautiful restaurant, nice bar, fantastic crowd and tasty cocktails. If the restaurant is full, Panache also has a bar next door in an old shoe shop. Which is an excellent alternative.

Ten Katestraat 117


11. Pllek


This is a bustling haven, where in the midst of industrial vibes you can enjoy the sunset across the city of Amsterdam. Start your visit at Pllek as early as you want and slowly but surely that spot will turn into a relaxed evening oasis where you can chill and enjoy the company of good friends. If during the winter it’s too cold outside, you can take your entourage inside and feast on some delicious meals.

Neveritaweg 59