Beach clubs in Europe


Hot days, parties & secluded beaches


The Scandinavians are lucky with their fjørden, non-stop daylight, beautiful lakes and never ending volume of mosquitos. The British finally get to see the sun after a full year of eating water from the sky. The Italians, Greece and Croatians get their never-ending hot days, warm feta cheese, exotic islands, secluded beaches, unbelievable turquoise clear waters and that antipasti we all adore. The Dutch have their canals, festivals, wooden shoe running games (its a real thing), 17 million people spread out on just a few km of beach and even though the weather is not always the best, they have some great beach clubs too. The germans spend endless nights in biergartens, hiking in their beautiful mountainous backyard or chilling alongside some of their breathtaking lakes.


So, where do we think the most awesome Beach Clubs are located in Europe?


Basically, when the sun is out, we Europeans like to soak it all up. We tend to go to one of the many beaches in the west of France, great for surfing and in the north of Spain and Portugal. If we want to do a bit more relaxing we head to the south of France or Croatia where you can also work on that suntan.

There are two different types of beach clubs; The ones that have a chilled-out, relaxed vibe going on with great drinks and snacks. Others are more fancy and serve gourmet meals. So you can spot a difference, some are luxurious and cater to those that like to spend some serious cash. Others are raw, have a more industrial or laid back, back to basics vibe with a flair of creativity. No matter which one you prefer, they can all transform into pretty decent party location during the day or night.


Carpe Diem - Hvar, Croatia

The sunny island of Hvar, as it’s called, is one of the best party destinations on the Croatia’s coast. The popularity of island among the young people has increased over the past few years thanks to the great bars and summer clubs. You’ll find some of the best bars and clubs on the Dalmatian coast and its the prime destination for the jetsetters alike. They arrive with mega yachts and spend their nights partying on this island.

Carpe Diem Bar is positioned in the harbour of Hvar, and the place to be when it comes to great food and nightlife. The "after beach parties" are tremendous over here. It’s not a coincidence the "yacht week" stops here. Carpe Diem Beach Club is, how convenient, at the beach. At night this place transforms into one big party.

On the Island of Hvar there are not a lot of beaches, so we recommend you rent a private boat and go out and explore all that the surrounding islands have to offer. Throw out your anchor and enjoy the clearest waters and most secluded areas.




Nammos - Mykonos, Greece

Who said the Greeks don’t have any money? Come have a look at Nammos Beach Club in Mykonos! Here you can watch wealthy Athenians in fashionable swimwear, and jetsetters from all around the world dine on 110-euro-per-kilo grilled lobster and free-flowing Crystal. But it’s not all glitter and glamour at Nammos Beach Club. This beach restaurant, nestled on Psarou beach, is really our favourite lunch spot on the island of Mykonos. It specialises in Mediterranean dishes which you can savour whilst you overlook the sea from your table or sun bed. Another great factor is the lounge atmosphere and damn good tunes, the result is pure relaxation.

Arrive over land, or go for anchor with your boat right in front on the club. Nammos has a tender service that can pick you up from your private yacht if necessary.




Woosah - Scheveningen, The Netherlands

On those sunny dutch days a really great place to go to in The Netherlands is "het zwarte pad" in Scheveningen, The Hague. It’s a small strip just outside of the town Scheveningen, with several great beach clubs. Some are more inviting for families and with kids, others are more focused on youth.

The Woosah is a beach club in The Netherlands that's got a creative vibe going. During the day it has a very relaxed atmosphere, with nice seating areas where you can enjoy the sun and devour some delicious food. The Woosah is known for its parties. Several big DJ's have played here and it continues until the sun comes up.




Hula Hula Beach bar - Hvar, Croatia

What’s better than an uninhibited view of the coast with a cocktail in your hand? Hula Hula Beach Bar is one of the best of its kind in Croatia and its guests travel from all points of the world just to get a taste.

This beachfront beauty on the coastline of Hvar is proof that you don’t have to get up high to find a sight to knock your socks off. As the sun begins to sink everyone on the island flocks to the rocks to grab a cocktail from Hula Hula Bar and party as the sun sinks in to the Adriatic. It’s so good that people even moor up from neighbouring islands to catch a glimpse.

The absolute perfect beach bar, although its quite hard to build a sandcastle. Surrounded by perfect views, beautiful swim and snorkelling areas, with great tunes, making this place one you’ll definitely not want to miss out on when residing in Croatia.



Eden Plage - Cap D'ail, France

Set in one of the most beautiful bays on the Côte d’Azur, Eden Plage in Cap d’Ail you’ll get a true taste of paradise. From the comfort of one of the colourful mattresses, guests can take pleasure in the views of the luxury villas, nestled amongst the pine trees on the dramatic cliffs that shelter the crystal-clear turquoise waters. Its a perfect bay to position your boat at and take the tender to the beach. The private beach is well appointed, with WIFI access, a beach boutique, fitness classes and Swedish and Japanese massage on offer. It is also known for its regular live music shows that take place in the tranquil surroundings of the bar. After sunset, the restaurant, set under the starry canopy of the Riviera sky, is an idyllic location to enjoy a romantic evening. The beach is open 7 days a week from 9am to midnight, and closes for the season at the beginning of October.



Masseria Torrecoccaro - Puglia, Italy

Masseria Torrecoccaro's venue can be found in the stunning landscape of south Italy. Right down in the heel of the boot. Surrounded by 1000 year old olive trees, ancient ruins and of course the beautiful ocean, it’s a perfect place to charge your batteries and relax. With its own wood-oven they make the best Italian pizzas. It has a golf course, spa and its own organic garden. If you're keen to improve your cookings skills you can do so with the cooking classes they organise. For the ones that aren’t so keen on the ocean, they've made an incredible gorgeous pool. Occasionally there are good parties, gigs and live acts in the beach club. Have a more detailed look into their beach club here.



Woodstock '69 - Bloemendaal aan Zee, The Netherlands

Since we from Lekker Boats are originally Dutchies, but living in Sydney, Australia, we love this place, as it reminds us of foreign places whilst being in Holland. Laid back atmosphere and hosts the most amazing parties, like the last one from our buddies from Zeezout. Trust us, you'll have fun!

As true pirates they navigate the uncharted seas of Woodstock, they don't care about the rules, and prefer to swim right against the current. So whether you are dressed fancy or look like a bum, you're welcome anyway and cozy it is. Inside you stand shoulder to shoulder on the dance floor between purebred trotters, outside by the campfire you hear the stories of a pilgrim in a knapsack.

On a sultry weekday evening, everyone loosens up around the campfire on the syrtaki to throw their hips in tune with a drum solo by a number of Africans. It is the atmosphere at Woodstock which makes it simply one of a kind. Newcomers often have to get used to its loose and casual atmosphere, but you have to be of stone, would you remain insensitive to the freedom that Woodstock has to offer. It is a combination of "do what your heart desires" and "respect each other's values". So go there, dance, musing on the campfire, get your hair salty and collect sand in your swimsuit. We assure you one thing, you’ll certainly go back again.



Hole in the Wall "Buza" bar - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Also named bar "Buza". Buza bar is one of the most beautiful bars in Dubrovnik which is hanged on the cliffs right above the sea, with an amazing incomparable panorama of the open Adriatic. It is also known as the "hole-in-the-wall" and it is the essence of Dubrovnik, where foreigners become domestics.

In the old Dubrovnik dialect, buža means “hole”. And truly, to get to this unique café bar, you have to go through the hole-in-the-wall that leads to a swimming and relaxing spot that is a daily stop for many of the people who live within Dubrovnik's thick, protective City Walls.



During the spring and summer months, this attractive little café bar opens its door to the public. Here you will find conveniently placed tables at which you may linger over a cold drink while enjoying marvellous sunsets, the view at the historic island of Lokrum, and the stark hills of Southern Dalmatia. The minimal architectural enhancements transformed the steep and otherwise inaccessible cliffs into a simple and safe site at which our guests can enjoy the natural beauty of this exceptionally unique location.



Noa Club - Croatia

This is a real party place. If you want to totally relax, then this is the spot. It looks great, surrounded in a beautiful area. We from Lekker Boats obviously love it that you can rock up with a boat and raft it up right next to the club. How good is that!




Fortelina  - Capri, Italia

Everybody who comes to Capri's Fontelina agrees that this is one of the most beautiful beach clubs in Italy. It's also one of the most exclusive: the kind of place where you might easily find yourself sitting in the sun next to a high profile politician or Hollywood film star.

It is a place so where the nature is so incredibly beautiful, that humans can’t add anything to improve it. Where the waves lap gently against the Faraglioni rocks before breaking on the island's sunny shores, you'll experience the true heart and soul of Capri, and the legend which accompanies it.

A magical place where each and every client is offered the warmest of welcomes, the finest food and memories to treasure.




Phi Beach - Sardinia, Italia

Last but definitely not the least one: Phi Beach. This excellent beach club is located the Italian island of Sardinia. A true paradise if you ask me. You don't, but I’ll still tell you: paradise.


Phi Beach is an Open Air Club located near the military outpost of Forte Cappellini. Protected by enchanting rock formations shaped by the sea, its breathtaking natural position brings the unique experience of one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Sun, sea, fun and exciting music with an excellent service.

Beside a pile of illuminated rocks beneath the Napoleonic fortress of Forte Cappellini, gorgeous Sardinians dance on daybeds, smooch on rocky outcrops and recline in egg-shaped chairs in this popular, hedonistic but stylish beach bar on the Costa Smeralda. You won't see a man without a smart shirt, women wear hot pants and jumpsuits, and super yachts trundle past like buses through Piccadilly Circus, it's a more laid-back than other bars along this coast. Party the night away with awesome music and surround yourself with good people.



Lekker Boats

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