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Lekker Boats Summer 2018


Summer of 2018


It was a busy, yet truly amazing summer! We introduced the new Lekker Damsko 1000. Our first 10 meter long lekker boat, cherry on top of the cake was that we made it for none other than the Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam office. We Introduced a new engine to our existing Damsko 750, namely the MerCruiser 350HP, the integrated anchor system and our T-Top were also revealed.

Lekker Boats in Cannes


Lekker Boats at the Cannes Yachting Festival


We build authentic Dutch aluminium speed-boats, or as we like to call them in Amsterdam "sloep", handmade in The Netherlands. The finest materials are selected and with premium Dutch expertise, we are able to produce the highest qua­lity, maintenance-free and robust aluminum boat that the market has to offer. Did we mention the staggering top speed of 85km/h (45 knots).

Aluminium is the way to go


Advantages of an aluminum boat


We at Lekker boats are ultimate aluminium fans, we simply love all that it has to offer. It's light, strong, robust and durable. Moreover it's easy to repair and maintain, aluminium is the ultimate choice of material when it comes to shipbuilding. Well at least in our opinion, but we'll certainly convince you too, take a look at all the advantages that accompany owning a aluminium boat. 

Beach clubs in Europe


Hot days, parties & secluded beaches


The Scandinavians are lucky with their fjørden, non-stop daylight, beautiful lakes and never ending volume of mosquitos. The British finally get to see the sun after a full year of eating water from the sky. The Italians, Greece and Croatians get their never-ending hot days, warm feta cheese, exotic islands, secluded beaches, unbelievable turquoise clear waters and that antipasti we all adore.

The Damsko 1000 revealed


Synthesis of speed, comfort, space & style


Amsterdam, 16 July 2018 - Lekker Boats raised the bar by mastering the build of the Damsko 750s bigger brother. Introducing the legendary Damsko 1000, a show stopper made out of aluminium, capable of reaching sensational speeds whilst carrying 50 people at the same time. An unknown combination of thrilling speed, comfort and impeccable style.

Bucket List: Cloud 9


Floating piece of Paradise


When looking outside today in Sydney, you’re mind will be tempted to start thinking about a possible escape to a place with just a little more sun. We found a place we think you'd find quite cool. Because if you thought sipping on cocktails by the pool at a resort was the ultimate tropical happy hour, think again. 


5 Beaches in Amsterdam


Want to find some summer vibes in the city?


YEAH! It’s summer! It’s been off the charts hot lately, nothing seems more ideal right now than relaxing at a beach? We can of course go explore Bloemendaal, Zandvoort or Wijk aan Zee when we feel like a beach day. But unlike what you might suspect, Amsterdam has a number of beaches spread across the city, so no need to head out of town if your longing for a beach day! 

Friday Drinks Amsterdam


Let's grab some drinks after work on Friday


I think most of us agree that Friday is without a doubt the best day of the week. In Amsterdam it also a day where it’s kind of mandatory to get a celebratory drink to commemorate the weekend that lies ahead. It’s “borreltijd” as we Dutch like to call it. We’ve devised a list of our favourite places in Amsterdam we like to go to. So take your Lekker bike out for a spin or if the weather is good enough why not take the Lekker Boat:)