Aluminium is the way to go


Advantages of an aluminum boat


We at Lekker boats are ultimate aluminium fans, we simply love all that it has to offer. It's light, strong, robust and durable. Moreover it's easy to repair and maintain, aluminium is the ultimate choice of material when it comes to shipbuilding. Well at least in our opinion, but we'll certainly convince you too, take a look at all the advantages that accompany owning a aluminium boat. 



Lets talk durability. Aluminum offers the advantage of an incomparable longevity. Little maintenance is required and the structure doesn’t deteriorate as years go by. An aluminum boat doesn’t have an expiration date. And the cherry on top of the cake, aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion. Which is pretty important when it comes to boats, wouldn't you say?


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Resistant & Light

Aluminum construction allows hulls and superstructures to be built both strong and light. Additionally, with its exceptional properties of strength and resistance, an aluminum hull can take more of a beating than a polyester one for example. An aluminum boat is therefore safer and better suited to blue water sailing.


Remarkable resistance to corrosion

Aluminum is used in the nautical industry for a long time now and has always demonstrated its high resistance to corrosion and to the structural fatigue. The number of aluminum boats is very important and we don’t know boats having been scrapped because of corrosion. The state of the current knowledge does not allow to determine the life cycle of a structure in aluminium, and to simplify, the experts consider its longevity as permanent.

The possible problems of galvanic corrosion on aluminum hulls are due to electrolysis and to the contact between aluminum and stainless steel parts. But this problem can be avoided with ?!?!?!?!


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Customise Designs

When it comes to designing boats Aluminum offers more freedom. It's possible to adapt each boat to the specific needs and desires of the owners. 



In contrast with composite, aluminum is fully recycled at end of life. Moreover, it generates little secondary pollution because of the minimal maintenance it requires.